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12 Jul 2018 5:00 PM | Dimitri Blaettler

July 12 marked the re-launch of SMAAS annual BBQ event. This year the Alumni Association hosted an all-white themed party at a familiar location, right on the shores of the picturesque lake of Zurich.

With Leeanne in the lead, the rower’s club was tastefully decorated to match the party theme. White table linens, lanterns and the bar area welcomed guests and added charm to the club’s lido area. Reto and Leeanne gave introductory remarks, wishing everyone a splendid time.

As the guests started to arrive, it became evident that event’s strict all white dress code was observed almost religiously. Old friends and new faces - SMAAS members and current Executive MBA students intermingled - dressed in all-white. There were, however some exceptions. A couple of SMAAS members decided to break the strict all-white policy for purely technical reasons.

A few words need to be said about food and drinks - both were exceptional. The wine selection was superb and sourced from Zug’s Weber-Vonesch. Sancerres, Chablis, Chardonnays and Barolos filled the glasses of joyful attendees. Inspiring, wine-enthused conversations carried well into the darkness of the night.

To match the wine, a well-rounded selection of starters, meats and vegetarian options were available at the White Party. Hiltl vegetarian delicacies and a selection of six different meat cuts/marinades from Hünenberg’s Limacher metzgerei were followed up by an incredible selection of desserts from Zug’s Bachman Confiserie.

With the darkness slowly settling in, the White Party came to a close. All attendees seemed to have enjoyed themselves to the fullest. To sum up, this year’s SMAAS BBQ party was filled with great conversations, networking opportunities and delicious food and wine.

This was just one of our events. There will be more. If you had a great time or were unable to attend this time, come join us for the next one:

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